The Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health (DCPAH) is a full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratory that offers more than 800 tests in 11 service sections, handling more than 185,000 cases involving approximately 1.5 million tests annually.

Detailed information is available at the DCPAH website:

Special tests have been developed for ferret diagnostics and expert service is available for submission of ferret samples.

Infectious Disease Diagnostics

The DCPAH offers a number of tests specific for ferret infectious diseases including:

Dr. Maes, the section chief of the Virology Section, will be available for consultation on viral diseases of ferrets.

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Surgical Pathology Service

Surgical Pathology is the discipline of examining tissue microscopically and/or with the naked eye to discern hallmarks of disease. Veterinarians remove suspicious tissues and organs from animals - usually through a surgical process - and submit them fixed in formalin for microscopic examination. Once at DCPAH, the tissues are examined, trimmed into smaller pieces, and processed to make microscopic slides. Our surgical pathology service includes 10 pathologists with expertise in specialized areas including tumor pathology, dermatopathology, ophthalmic pathology, diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, reproductive pathology, renal pathology, neuropathology, and wildlife/zoo animal pathology. Dr. Kiupel, the section chief of the Anatomical Pathology Section, will be available for consultation on ferret biopsies. In addition to submission of formalin fixed samples, the DCPAH also accepts frozen material and tissues fixed for electron microscopy. The Immunohistochemistry Section offers an extensive number of antibodies to detect infectious diseases, more accurate diagnose neoplastic diseases and to better prognosticate neoplastic conditions. Examples include panels for endocrine tumor differentiation such as adrenal and pancreatic islet cell tumors, prognostication of adrenal tumors (e.g. ki67, GATA-4) or immunophenotyping of lymphomas.

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Clinical Pathology Services

Clinical Pathology is the branch of general pathology directed to the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases through the examination of blood, bodily fluids, secretions, and tissue biopsy specimens. The Clinical Pathology section monitors these specimens for chemical, morphological, microbiological, and immunological abnormalities. The laboratory is staffed by 4 board-certified veterinary clinical pathologists and offers a full range of veterinary diagnostic testing in the areas of clinical biochemistry, hematology, hemostasis, urinalysis, and cytology to confirm a clinical impression, establish or rule out a diagnosis, monitor therapy, and help establish a prognosis.

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