David B. Wilson MD PhD

Dr. Wilson is an Associate Professor of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology at Washington University in St. Louis. His laboratory studies the mechanisms underlying adrenal tumor formation in neutered ferrets and mice.

David Wilson's Laboratory

Wilson, David

Murray, Jerry

Jerry Murray, DVM

Dr. Murray is in private practice at the Animal Clinic of Farmers Branch in Dallas, Texas. He has worked with pet ferrets for the past 18 years and even bred ferrets for a short time. He has written many articles on ferret medicine and surgery and has talked at many national and international meetings.

Michael Garner, DVM, DACVP

Dr. Garner's diagnostic service, Northwest ZooPath, has been accepting biopsies and necropsies on exotic species since 1994. Over the past 15 years he has performed diagnostic pathology on thousands of ferrets, published numerous papers and given dozens of lectures pertaining to diseases in ferrets.

Garner, Michael

Williams, Bruce

Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP

Dr. Williams is a veterinary pathologist well-known to ferret owners around the world since 1990. He has authored a number of chapters in various books on exotic species, including Hillyer and Quesenberry’s Medicine and Surgery of Ferret, Rodents and Rabbits, Fudge’s Clinical Laboratory Medicine of Exotic Animals, and a number of papers on wide-ranging topics in ferret medicine and pathology. He continues to interact with the ferret-owning public through appearances at several ferret conferences each year, as well as articles for ferret owners, such as Ferrets magazine.

Katrina Ramsell Ph.D, DVM

Dr. Ramsell is the owner of Northwest Exotic Pet Vet LLC in Beaverton, Oregon. She has owned ferrets since 1986 and her career was determined by her first ferret. She practices clinically applied research in hopes of advancing exotic animal medicine and her primary areas of interest include disseminated idiopathic myofasciitis in ferrets, ferret systemic corona virus, and improving therapies for ferrets with lymphoma, heart disease, and the common ferret endocrine diseases. She has written numerous articles on ferrets and has presented on ferrets at national and international conferences.

Ramsell, Katrina